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This blog was originally intended to keep my friends and family posted on my life while serving as a Peace Corps Wolunteer in Sokode, Togo, West Africa.  It has since grown to encompass my work in Accra, Ghana.
I appreciate all questions, comments, and topic suggestions. This blog is personal and casual.
To call or text me. From the states, dial 011 233 054 295 3305.

In the spare months in between my last job and the Peace Corps, I travelled in Morocco and Paris, and volunteered in France.  The top image of this blog is of the dunes in Morocco. The picture was taken during a sunrise camel ride in February, 2007.

More pictures are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ohkamala

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  1. Comment by Tina Jockin:

    Wow, I had no idea you were joining the Peace Corps! That’s great! And quite adventurous! So I guess I won’t see you at reunion… I am pretty settled down in Southern California — my big adventurous days are over :) I’ve been married for 2.5 years now (time flies!), and I’m dragging my husband to reunion :) Your time in France sounds great! I miss France soooo much! I have fond memories of my junior year in Paris. Je ne savais pas que tu parlais Francais! Anyway, enjoy your time abroad, and I keep posting updates — I will be coming often and live vicariously through you!
    p.s. saw your web link at the MHC Alumnae site!

  2. Comment by Robert Glick:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Justr checking out your latest comments. I also looked over all your photos. You have some beauties there. I am sure you are having quite an interesting time in rural France in the winter. What a great looking village and area.

    Anyway, take care of yourself.



  3. Comment by rahunt:

    I am so thrilled that old & new friends and family are finding me here. I love hearing from you!

  4. Comment by Betty Anne Scherrman:

    Rebecca: Love keeping up with your travels and travails. I print out copies for your Uncle,….he is quite iilleterate,,,,computer wise…..That is what he has me for,,,,,,Things are coming up Spring here in Iowa…we had terrific snow and cold….and now the daffodils are peeking out…..Frank has two Bernese Mountain Dog pups….could not decide which one to take,,,so took them both…Beautiful animals….Claire was in HighSchool production,,,OKLAHOMA>..I thought she was best/prettiest girl on stqge…..Erica and Claire leave for Florida/Disney chorus trip on Tuesday….we declined invite to chaperone….girls were happy about that…..Family will be here for Easter….
    One comment on your site….difficult to read….font is small…..ink is light….But,,,what do I know,,,,we are old….
    Be safe,,,be happy,,,,,we are proud of you…Love you a lot…..BAS

  5. Comment by Betty Anne Scherrman:

    Rebecca……Have you been to Paris….

  6. Comment by Matt:


    It’s great to hear about all your new adventures! Keep living, loving, exploring and dreaming! Can I come visit you sometime? Maybe before I head back out to sea, this time in Alaska.

    Fair winds and following seas,

  7. Comment by Natalie Van Tassel:

    Hi Rebecca,
    I’m pleased that Pat sent me your web site (is that what it’s called?) I doubt that I will get to see you when you return to CA, so will tell you now: good luck, and remember us all. We will be thinking of you and be eager to hear of your adventures.

  8. Comment by Gavin:

    Rebecca, I found your website randomly online. I was the Sokode business volunteer from 2003-2005. Let me know if you have questions about anything in Togo or Sokode. Would be happy to help in any way that I can. I loved my experience, and made some excellent friendships in Sokode. Good luck — you are in for an excellent 2 years! Gavin

  9. Comment by Marypat:

    Rebecca, How proud I am to say that you are my cousin. I can only think of you as this sweet little girl that our favorite Aunt Bonnie has given us to Love and be so very proud of. Like your freind Tina has said I live vicariously through you. Great blog .
    Photo’s breath taking. I can’t wait to show my girls this site you are a great women. Corey’s wedding was so nice had a fun time with your Mom she is the best.Missed Susan’s wedding wish I could of seen Scott , Sharon Matt and Katie Take care. Marypat Stoddard

  10. Comment by Natalie Van Tassel:

    Hi Rebecca, I finally got to your blog, and loved it!! Love the pictures too, you are good! The kids are darling! Are all as healthy as the guys in the picture? (And your neighbor ain’t bad.)

    I am almost glad to be cold here and need only one shower a day. My skin would peel off with three. If I can figure out how, I’ll send you a picture of my trip to Orcas Island, cool and damp, in hopes it will mitigate the heat.

  11. Comment by rahunt:

    Note on the showers – they are cold water only! Also a big reason for taking multiple is that many people dont have toilets and children will often relieve themselves on the dirt paths that I walk through. Adults hide themselves a bit more in the fields. Since I wear opened toed sandals, I prefer to wash off the street on a regular basis.

  12. Comment by Mrs V:

    Hello Rebbeca I’ve finally found your blog God I’m such aspastic where coputerf are cocerned I often wonder how youy are & what’s life like out there I will admit to missing your cheerful company as well Togo sounds good you still haven’t sent me any photos!!!!! We are just about to go for a long walk when i was in the woods behind the village yesterday the ground was becoming white from the first snowflakes there is nothing left . I’ve just finished Naked Stranger very very good . Keep up the good work Love the Vigiers

  13. Comment by Anonymous:

    I just reviewed your pictures and enjoyed them so very much. I had missed a few of the newer additions and was pleased to see them. Many thanks for sharing. Several of my friends are enjoying your blog, so please continue with your interesting entries.


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