Christmas gift ideas that support Togo


There is a very neat women’s cooperative here in Sokode.  They produce butters for beauty products that are sold under the label “Alaffia” at Whole Foods.

I have visited the location and stirred the shea butter by hand with them.  Most of the women are illiterate, and do not even speak French.  Here they have a reliable salary, health care, and work that doesn’t break their backs. 

The founder (a Togolese man married to a former Peace Corps Volunteer) was there to explain fair trade to other producers in Togo (weavers, honey producers, etc).  He is encouraging similar enterprises in Togo.  He left me a sample of the final shampoo and conditioner products, which are AMAZING.

I highly recommend you look for their products and give them a try, or give them as Chirstmas gifts this year.  You’ll even find “made in Sokode, Togo” on the label.

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  1. Comment by Jeanne Mangerich:

    Hi Rebecca, Thanksgiving is coming around and I will be heading up to Scott and Sharon’s this week. I remember the last time you were there too. : ) It will be a fun get-together and my sister Mollie will be there too.
    I love your website and have found so many useful resources – bicycling on the peninsula, earthwatch, and Mount Holyoke College. It is really great!
    I just ordered some Shea butter products from Alaffia. It was hard to pick but I know they will make a perfect present.
    I bet you are looking forward to your mom visiting next month. What a rare opportunity…I hope you have a really good time. I just talked to Barb tonight and she has a good person to look after Jamaica.
    Reading your blog makes me remember to not take all my “conveniences” for granted. The closest I came was working at South Pole but even that was probably not as a remote location as Togo.
    I went on a nice hike on Mount Tamalpais today. We are having good weather for November.
    Well all for now,

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