coca cola tastes different


I’ve never been a big fan of pop (also known as soda, coke, soft drinks) but sometimes you just want something cold to drink.  I don’t have a working fridge, so a cold drink means a trip to the “buvette”, or bar.  There, the choice is between beer and a soft drink.

The problem with ordering a Fanta or Coke, 2 of the types of sweet drinks available, is that they are just too sweet.  The sweetness is different than America; they are made with sugar from sugar cane, instead of from corn syrup.  While probably better for me since it is less processed, I struggle to finish a bottle of the sweet stuff.

A cold beer, on the other hand, goes down prettily easily. :)

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  1. Comment by Bill Stevenson:

    “Pop?” Where in the world are you from?

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