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Camp Unite

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

I just got back from a week as camp counselor.  The camp was5days and there were around 35 boy participants.  Most had recieved a middle school education before quiting school to learn a trade (such as car mecanic, carpenter, etc).

The camp teaches skills such as working together in a group, good communication, preventing child traficing and other skills. Plus there is time for fun.  I taught a session on rape and sexual harassment.

The boys also had to wear a pregnancy apron at times and strapa larger tuber to their back as if it were a baby.  This gavethem empathy for the first time for women’s work.  Men here are in the habit of considering women’s work easy and that women are just lazy.

It was a very good camp and it was good to see the boys considering some new things and reflecting on things they had always just taken for granted.