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How to help

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Togo is not really on the the development map, in terms of the amount of help it receives.  It is a small country, and development programs that measuring împact in terms of numbers will choose to work in larger countries.

Peace Corps has a real role here, being in the communities and initiating the projects that help with some of the more pressing needs.  We often have small projects that need funding – for example, 100 dollars for a girls summer enterprise program which will help them earn enough to go to school, or health education programs, things like that.  For small amounts of funding volunteers often turn to Friends of Togo. 

 If you are interested in contributing please donate at  You will know that your money is going into a project where a volunteer in the community has determined that there is the most need, that develops local competance, and that the money is not spent on overhead such as marketing or fundraising. 

Every bit helps.