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Arrival in Lomè

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

I made it to Togo!  Safe and sound here.   Peace Corps is taking good care of us. 

Lomè is green, lively and humid.  The beach is one block from our hotel.

Pigging out on the comforts of home

Monday, June 4th, 2007

In France, I ate as much cheese as possible; I ate cheese with the hunger and passion of a cheese lover who wouldn’t be getting cheese for 27 months.
Now that I’m back in California, I’m stuffing myself with Mexican food and fresh fruit from the farmers’ market.  Peaches – check.  Cherries – check.  Strawberries (strawberry pie, strawberry rhubard cream) – check.  Oranges – check.  Raspberries – check.

Tomorrow I leave to begin 4 days of pre-pre service training in Washington DC.  This means I have approximately 6 more stateside mornings, and 6 more hot, piped showers left for the year 2007.
More importantly, I’m saying good-bye (again) to friends and family.  I know I will miss hot showers, cheese, and California oranges, but I also know that I will miss even more my dear friends and loved ones.  I do have a hard time believing I’m really saying good-bye for 2 years.  So come visit me, friends and family.  Togo is supposed to be amazing.  Je vous invite!

upcoming schedule: London, Paris, SFO, DC, Togo

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Saturday I go to  Paris. Sunday I go to London to meet mon copin, and then we come back to France on Tuesday.  I fly home from Paris on the Tuesday after Memorial Day.

I go to DC on June 5th for Peace Corps training.  I should be completely adjusted to US time when I fly back across the Atlantic through Paris to Togo on the 9th.  I need to plant a lot of trees to make up for my carbon expenditures this year.  

I will have 6 weeks of training in Togo, staying with a host family about 100 miles north of Lomé.  I will find out where my real site for 2 years will be during this time.  On July 21st I’ll visit my site for a week.  I will return to my host family for training and will not actually depart for my post until August 27th.  So sorry, no visitors allowed until late 2007! 

more violence in Guinea

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Although I never actually made it to Guinea, the fact that I spent 3 months thinking I was going there has instilled in me an interest in the country.

Unfortunately, the strikes in January and related violence have clearly not resolved the discontent in the country. The BBC is reporting on it. Here is today’s article: Guinea soldiers riot over talks

In the meantime, let’s hope that Togo remains relatively stable. Elections have been promised for 2007, so let’s hope for free and fair elections.

2007 timeline

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Jan 5: phone call saying departure to Guinea delayed by 3 weeks
Jan 6: last day of work, car sold, lease ends on apartment
Jan 8: original departure date for Peace Corps Guinea
Jan 13-21: I go to Paris to practice my French
Jan 24: call from Peace Corp saying our departure to Guinea is cancelled
Jan 28: receive invite from Peace Corps to go to Uganda
Jan 30: I decline invite to go to Uganda
Feb 1: general confusion
Feb 2: Learn about volunteer opportunity working with computers in France
Feb 4: Receive invite from Peace Corps to go to Togo June 5, which I accept
Feb 12: go travel in Morocco for 2 weeks
March 1: begin volunteering in France
May 28: return to US
June 5: go to Peace Corps training

After that: Togo!!!